Patient care delivery that is leading edge

MyHealth Centre is a unique collaborative partnership of radiologists, cardiologists and health care professionals focused on delivering outstanding quality and innovation to outpatient diagnostic imaging patient care.

We have special expertise in managing Independent Health Facilities (IHFs) located in small towns and remote locations within Ontario. We provide high-quality diagnostic imaging services through sub-specialty trained radiologists, standardized reporting, availability and fast turnaround times. Our management team and physician group are second to none in terms of its depth and skill in the province.

With over 25 IHFs, we are proud to be a leading manager of diagnostic imaging facilities in Ontario.


• Modern diagnostic imaging practices
• Sub-specialty radiologists who are all fellowship trained
• Reports to assist referring physicians on the next step in their patients’ management
• Compliance with HARP, IHFA, and the CPSO’s Clinical Practice Parameters and Facility Standards