Test Preparation
Digital Mammography

Mammography is a low dose  X-ray that plays an essential role in the early detection and screening of breast cancer.

Before the Test: Do not wear lotion deodorant or talcum powders near your breasts on your test day. Rinsing prior to exam does not eliminate all residue.

If your breasts experience tenderness prior to your menstrual period you should try to schedule your examination for a time when your breasts will not be tender.

It is important to tell your physician if you have breast implants.

During the Test: Prior to a mammogram, you will need to remove jewelry and metal objects. You will also be asked to remove clothing above the waist and put on a gown. During the examination, one of your breasts will be placed between X-ray plates that will gradually compress.  For some people, the process can be mildly uncomfortable, however, compressing the breast tissue ensures clear images.

Two images will be taken of each breast, one from top to bottom and the other from side to side. More images and/or ultrasound of the breast(s) may be required to complete the exam.

After the Test: Once the test is completed, your breasts may be tender; however, you are able to return to your normal activities.

 What to Bring: To avoid delays on the day of your test, ensure that you bring your health card and your requisition.