Test Preparation
Renal Scan

A renal scan is performed to see how the kidneys are functioning. Renal scans may also be performed in conjunction with Lasix (to assess any obstruction in the urinary system) or Captopril (to rule out high blood pressure caused by renal artery stenosis).

Before the Test: There should be nothing to eat for 4 hours prior to the test and you should drink 4 glasses of water 1 hour prior to the test.

Consult with your physician regarding the temporary discontinuation of medication. At the time of booking, patients will be informed regarding the discontinuation of Ace Inhibitors, diuretics and other anti-hypertensive medications.

During the Test: Imaging for renal studies with or without Lasix last approximately 1 hour. Studies with Captopril consist of 2 days and imaging takes approximately 2 hours on each day.

After the Test: You will be able to return to your normal activities when the test is complete, unless your physician or technician tells you otherwise.

What to Bring: To avoid delays on the day of your test, ensure that you bring your health card and your requisition. Please bring a list of your current medications.