Test Preparation

X-rays are a common type of imaging scan used to view the body beyond soft tissue. Bone and dense tissue appear on the image as a lighter area. It is used to detect bone fractures or other abnormalities in the body.

Before the Test: There is no physical preparation for an X-ray test. You should avoid wearing jewelry or clothing with metallic items on your test date. We allow walk-in patients for X-ray, therefore you may have to wait for your turn.

Please inform the technologist if you are or think you may be pregnant. You should not have an xray during the last 2 weeks of their menstrual period.

During the Test: You may also be required to remove your clothing and put on a paper gown. Some X-ray tests may require an x-ray dye to be injected or ingested. You may experience discomfort from the injection.

Let your physician or technician know if you have had an allergic reaction to X-ray dyes in the past.

During an X-ray, you will be asked to remain still while the process is being performed. The X-ray process is quick and usually lasts only a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the number of images required.

After the Test: Once the test is completed, you are able to return to your normal activities. You may be asked to remain at the facility for additional x-rays while they are being developed. This is not a sign of abnormality, but only to ensure clarity of the images.

What to Bring: To avoid delays on the day of your test, ensure that you bring your health card and your requisition.