Low Energy in Summer: How to Improve Sleep for Better Vitality

Jun 10 / 2024 | News

It is common for people to feel low energy during the summer months. We typically think of summer as a time when days are longer, and there’s more activity outside. But with that heat can come disruptions in sleep patterns and general tiredness, too. This blog will examine why we feel tired during summer, how seasonal weather impacts sleep routines, and share advice on improving restfulness for increased liveliness.

Recognizing Summer Fatigue Symptoms

According to the Mayo Clinic, the signs of summer fatigue are not always clear, like feeling sleepy. They can also be irritability, lack of focus, and an overall sensation of sluggishness. Usually, these indications come from being exposed to hot temperatures for extended periods that disturb our typical sleep pattern. Understanding and identifying these signs is essential so you can take action and manage your energy in the summer.

Understanding Seasonal Weather Changes Your Sleep Pattern

Changes in weather due to seasons significantly affect how you sleep. When nights grow shorter and warmth increases, it becomes hard for many people to fall asleep and maintain that state. The growing light can disturb your body’s circadian rhythms, while the heat doesn’t allow deep sleep to occur comfortably. One main cause for feeling low energy in the summer months is this disturbance to the component sleep cycle.

Additionally, the longer hours of daylight accompanying summer can deceive your brain into postponing melatonin production. This hormone is in charge of inducing sleepiness, and this shift can alter your internal clock, causing you to go to bed later than usual. Consequently, it becomes more challenging to get the suggested quantity of sleep. Moreover, increased humidity frequently accompanies surges in temperature. This combination makes sleeping more complex by creating an impression of dense air and increasing difficulties with breathing. This mix of elements indicates that even when you succeed in falling asleep, the sleep standard might be affected and cause feelings of tiredness and reduced awareness the following day.

To fight these changes, make a sleep-friendly setting. Use blackout curtains for creating darkness like night that can help your body understand it is time to rest even if the sun is still up. Also, air conditioning or a fan should be used to control room temperature, which will aid in falling asleep and staying asleep. Understanding these changes in seasons and adapting your sleep area accordingly can help lessen the harmful impacts of summer on sleeping routines and general energy levels.

Tips for Sleep During Hot Weather

To keep your energy and health in good condition, it’s essential to sleep well when the weather is hot. Here are some practical ways to achieve this:

  • Bedroom cooling: Use air conditioning or fans to keep your bedroom at a pleasant temperature.
  • Breathable bedding: Lighter fabrics, such as cotton, that let air pass through can help maintain a cool environment during sleep.
  • Drink water: When the days are hot, lack of water can disturb your sleep and decrease energy. So make sure to drink more water.
  • Block out light: Use blackout curtains to keep your bedroom dark, encouraging better sleep.
  • Stick to a consistent sleep routine: Aim to sleep and rise at the identical hour every day to balance your body’s natural rhythm.

Is There a Connection Between Hot Weather and Cardiovascular Disease?

Studies have shown a connection between warm weather and cardiovascular illness. Heat can induce dehydration that places stress on the heart, while also making the body work harder to keep its usual temperature, increasing heart rate and blood pressure. People with heart problems may find these things especially hard, so controlling how much they are exposed to scorching weather and keeping them hydrated is essential.

Feeling less energetic during summer could mean that the heat is influencing your sleep and general health. If you still experience tiredness, even after trying methods to enhance your sleep, it may be beneficial to talk with a healthcare expert. We at Well Health Diagnostic Centres are ready to assist you in understanding and controlling your well-being efficiently all year round. We are reading to assist you in achieving a bright, lively summer. Contact us now for a consultation.