Google Reviews

    A fast and accurate reporting to patient.
    Reham .Othman
    Excellent experience. I was in and out with no waiting time at all. Very happy
    Chris Kloosterhuis
    The staff and cardiologist are very nice. All procedures have been explained clearly and the results reported in a manner that a non-medical person can understand. The tests were done quickly and results are reported right away.
    Angie Jones
    Dee was amazing at the front desk she made me feel safe n the other technicians were very careful n friendly in every aspect of ALL the tests I had to have done 3 times.Hoping for positive results from my cardiologist on Oct 28thThank you all staff
    GoddessK Angel Kitten
    I was good with the phone meeting, but would have liked to have more details and contact information available to me!
    Peter Lavallee
    The staff were caring and understanding. They took the time to get to know you and did not make you feel like just a number. I would definitely recommend this medical facility to anyone who requires specialized health care.
    The experience was fine but getting the results is taking forever. Its been close to a month and still haven't heard
    Joseph Smith
    The people that helped me did a great job in explaining and doing there jobs . Excellent experience.
    Ron Taylor
    I have a very positive experience. The doctor and the staff kindly and very nice to speak with. Highly recommend.
    Wha Boonsawat
    Friendly staff and they are efficient at moving people to their appointments at the times that given. We are lucky to have Cardiology now in our health care system
    rick rudolf