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    Easy to book an appointment on-line at a time that worked for me. A reminder was sent and the Dr called right on time. I felt she was thorough and I was done and has my prescription renewed in just a few minutes. Fantastic service
    Anne Godfrey
    I am very pleased with the services I receive any time I call. Staff is courteous, friendly and caring. Wait time is virtually non existant. Dr Nancy Ibrahim is very attentive and has helped me numerous times. Even during these difficult times, the doctor send me to do blood work, found out what was wrong with me, and "fixed" me. I am very grateful for all services and convenience this place provides.
    Rima K.
    Love this online doctor service as I have not had adoctor in over 2 years. Have told many people about this wonderful service. Dr Ibrahim has been so helpful. I always ask to talk to her. Thank you all secretaries, nurses and doctors for your assistance and care.
    Carole McDonald
    Very happy with their fast service and the fact that I was able to get an appointment so quickly. Really appreciate the frontline workers and medical staff working so hard during this time to take care of patients
    Polite and caring staff and doctors.
    Tony M
    Very Understanding ... refilled my prescriptions fast and longer than what I get waiting for 3 hours at walk inn clinic... will be a regular now ... appointment was right on time ...Great experience in customer service
    Blanche Swalwell
    When what my now fired Dr had not listened. The team at My Doctor Now did. Because of government changes had reduced amount of medication with out certain requirement. My family Dr instead of doing the leg work so that I could use level of meds that keeps me functionally pain free. He went with let's do X-rays & blood work. Wanting to prescribe narcotics I use a combination of eastern & western medication that prevents that. He did not have the time. My Dr now listened, researched, came back with more questions, researched some more came back with a usesge code and vala! Functional again Thank you,
    DRGunn Williams
    Dr Wong was absolutely wonderful. If I could choose as my forever family Dr i absolutely would. I'm very grateful to have access to this service.
    My family doctor retired and I needed medical guidance, an X-Ray and two prescriptions to be written. Health Care Connect put me in touch with MyDoctorNow and I am very grateful. The website is very user friendly and I was able to pick date/time to have a doctor contact me. Please note that I did wait for one hour past my appointment time for the doctor to call, but these are crazy times and they are doing the best that they can. Just know that if this happens to you, try to be understanding of the stress they are under and don't hang up unless you have to. I was so glad I stayed on the line. Dr. Sheryl Seidman apologized for the delay when I spoke with her, she listened to my needs and concerns and was very thorough. I felt like I really mattered, and that is important. They offer a wonderful service and I strongly recommend them to anyone in need. Thank you Dr. Seidman :).....and the whole team !!
    Margaret Orr
    They had fast delivery, response time, and appointment scheduling. Staff—Dr. Ibrahim and Pillsway messenger, Harv—were nice and informative!
    mariam a