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    Very quick and friendly service!
    Jane McClimond
    From the time I walked into the office to the time I left the staff were very professional, polite & knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered so that I was able to understand them ( not all the medical terminology). I would definitely recommend My Health Centre facility.
    Marie Pearen
    The staff was professional and well-informed. The procedure was explained clearly and all my questions were addressed patiently. The office receptionist was friendly; and the office itself was very clean, with all protocols in place. Thank you for such a positive experience!
    Anne MB
    I am not afraid to say that my anxiety levels were high for my test. I expressed this to the technician on each visit. The understanding and thoughtful way I was treated helped me through my anxiousness. Thanks so much to all the staff.
    Mike Moraites
    The staff are very friendly and caring. Everything was explained in detail. It was a very timely visit.
    Dorothy Perrotto
    Great experience. Staff was very professional and personable. I mentioned to them that they had quite the operation going on considering that the testing had to be done over a two day period because of Covid 19 restrictions.
    Roderick Macneil
    Bone scan Technician was excellent
    Doug Erroll
    Very fast service
    Al Low
    I must say, the personnel in this place were terrific. Made you feel welcomed, interacted, and they were both professional and attentive. Doreen and Frank were both excellent to deal with. Thank you both for the great service you provided.
    Rich DeFrancisco
    My appointment was for a bone scan so in a way it was actually 2 appointments. When I arrived I was greeted by the very nice and welcoming women at the front desk. Once I completed my paperwork I was taken to the back by a very nice man that did my baseline bone scan and then injected me with the required medication.Upon my return, I was taken to the back to complete the full bone scan.The gentleman had no qualms about having to move my mobile oxygen around as the machine moved around my body.They made a stressful visit to see if my LCH had spread to my bones, so much less stressful and I felt very comfortable during my visit. This clinic and especially the staff are so great I am extremely happy that it is the one that my doctor sent me too.
    Carrie Bridges