Test Preparation – Sleep Study

Sleep Study


  • Avoid alcohol the whole day of your study
  • Avoid napping on the day of your study
  •  You can eat and drink normally until lunch time. After lunch, please do not have caffeine (no coffee, tea, pop, herbal teas or “decaf” products. Drink only water, juice and milk and eat normally, just no chocolate).
  •  Take all medications as normal: there is no need to stop anything unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
  • Please do not wear perfumes or other strong scented toiletries
  • Have dinner as usual before coming to the centre.


  • Your health card (valid OHIP card, ensure your card is not expired)
  • A current list of your medications
  • If you are already on PAP therapy please bring your mask and your hose.
  • Any medications that you will need to take before sleeping or in the morning when you wake up.
  • A change of comfortable clothes to sleep in (that could be pajamas, T-shirt and shorts, or a T-shirt and track pants. Tight pants and leggings should be avoided as they make applying the leg wires difficult and uncomfortable for you. Sleeping with no shirt or pant is not permitted. The rooms are kept cold, so bring extra layers with you in case you need it.
  • We have extra blankets and pillows so there is no need to bring these items.
  • A towel and toiletries like: toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, and anything else you need to get ready for bed. You can also bring a book or anything to read before bed. Your hair will be sticky in the morning from the paste used to apply the wires to your head. You can shower here but please bring all items with you (towel, shampoo, conditioner, soap etc.).
  • A bottle of water or juice to sip throughout the night if you like (clinic has a water cooler to refill bottles) and/or a snack (food is not permitted to be eaten in the bedrooms, only in the TV viewing area).


  •  The technician will register you and get you set-up with a room and there will be some paperwork to fill out, 6 pages in total. There might be a waiting period before the start of your set-up as the technicians attend to other patients too.
  • The technician will get you to change into your night-time attire and will be applying wires to your scalp (parting in-between your hair), face, chest and legs. Tight hair weaves might have to be loosened. Dark nail polish or extra long nails should be avoided as they affect the test results. The technician will be monitoring you throughout the night. The technician might come into your room during the night to adjust or fix equipment as needed. Taking pictures/videos of the staff or the facility is not permitted.
  •  Lights out is usually anywhere between 10:30pm to 11:30pm
  • The technicians will wake you up around 5am. You can take a shower in the morning; however you will need to bring a towel, shampoo and soap with you.
  • We do require 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise there is a charge of $200.
  • Phone calls are answered by day-time staff Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm and on Fridays from 7am-4pm. In the event of calling outside these hours, kindly leave your full name, and the number that is best to reach you at (clinic does not have caller I.D.). Your message will be responded to on the next business day. After 7pm only voicemails pertaining to a same day sleep study will be responded to by technicians.