Suresh Madan featured in CEO Insights Top 10 Indian Leaders in Canada 2021

Sep 29 | News

We’re pleased to announce Suresh Madan, President and CEO of MyHealth Centre, is featured in CEO Insights Top 10 Indian Leaders in Canada 2021.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems around the world have drawn attention to the disconnect between the ideal system and what actually exists. Health professionals have noted many instances of poor design in both system and processes, and also in the slow adoption of information technology innovations. Our experiences have highlighted the need for the industry to use methods that do not rely on traditional, in-person consultations and still provide high-quality healthcare. Suresh Madan, President & CEO of MyHealth Center, bridges this gap. Myhealth Center is a diagnostic facility that provides tele health services by certified physicians and cardiologists from the comfort and safety of their patients’ homes. Founded in 2013, MyHealth Center has grown into a market leading provider of efficient and high-quality healthcare services, operating through 48 locations in Ontario province of Canada.