Game-changing heart health technology arrives in Lindsay

Oct 30 / 2019 | News

MyHealth Centre has introduced state-of-the-art cardiac imaging at our Lindsay clinic.

“Our goal is to provide the latest updates in nuclear diagnostic services and to ensure timely access to these services,” said MyHealth regional director, Chris Malcolm.

The D-SPECT gantry design offers several advantages over the previously used ring-style equipment, including a reduced radiation dosing, improved comfort and faster scanning time. The open design eliminates claustrophobia and the chair can support up to 540 pounds.

“It’s game changing technology that most hospitals in our province don’t even have yet. As a doctor, it also offers greater confidence in diagnosis,” said MyHealth chief medical officer, Dr. Marc Freeman.

“The camera has 10 times the sensitivity and twice the spatial resolution of a conventional gamma camera, so when you’re imaging a patient, you’re getting that exact answer that you need.”

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