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    Very professional staff. Thank you.
    Barton stewart
    Had great experience with my echocardiagram. The technician was friendly and very thorough. Everyone was welcoming, practiced social distancing and wore masks. Dr Heslop was helpful and explained everything and was very friendly and thorough.Marcia and Max
    Marcia Lewis
    Everything was safe and clean. I didn't have to wait to get my stress test done. The technician was friendly and efficient. She made it a comfortable experience for me. Dr. Hill was very personable and thorough and made sure all of my questions were answered. Great follow up and after care as well. A great experience!
    Jonelle St. Aubyn
    The imaging staff was very friendly and helpful, so much fun they made my experience memorable was able to see my heartbeat in real time and liver lol
    Belinda J
    Covid protocol adhered to, clean environment and great customer service.
    Anthony G
    Had a pleasurable experience in a somewhat upsetting situation, medical tests.The staff were wonderful, pleasant and willing to explain everything.Thank you for being so supportive.
    Peter Forte
    Had two procedures done and all went smoothly
    Paul Kelly
    I was scheduled for an ECG and a sonogram. Originally my appointment was canceled and rescheduled two times. Was never given a reason why, just that it needed to be rescheduled. Then, a couple days before my appointment, they left me a message canceling my sonogram for a third time and again, no reason why. When I called to ask the receptionist she had no answer, just said “I don’t know, you can ask when you come for your appointment”. At this point I was pretty annoyed that it kept getting canceled and no one ever had any reasons or answers for me.Finally, the day came for me to get my ECG done and see the doctor. On the day of, the receptionist that signed me in was very friendly and helpful. I told her my appointment issue and she also did not know why but said she’d find out and figure something out for me.The people who did my ECG and sonogram were both very friendly, professional and comforting.Dr Joshi was nice and professional. I felt a little rushed with him but he still took time out to personally talk to the receptionists again to ask why my sonogram appointment had been canceled so many times. No one ever knew why, but they ended up making some time for me to complete the sonogram then and there so I wouldn’t have to wait and return again.Ultimately everyone I saw that day was very nice, friendly and professional.Other than the canceling of appointments with no reason, I felt comfortable and would recommend to others.
    Fiorella Maciel
    I have been trying to get my issue addressed by my family doctor for many years and he's just ignored it, saying it was other things wrong with me. Finally my internist told him I needed to see a cardiologist and I was sent to Dr. Jurt. I was very impressed with the staff, the organized way the building was laid out and most of all, Dr.Jurt! She was able to diagnose me on my first visit after some testing, and finally I knew what is wrong with me. I am undergoing treatment and more testing but finally feel some hope for my health and my future. The staff member who did most of my testing explained as it was happening which was very comforting. Dr. Jurt's bedside manner, and the way she clearly went over the testing and results so I could understand exactly what was going on with my heart was incredible. I feel very fortunate to have been sent to this clinic to see Dr. Jurt. I have less anxiety about my health , and most of all, I am hopeful about the future of my health.
    Nunnaur Beezwax
    I have been going there for a few years and Everytime I'm treated great 👍, thanks keep it up.
    Billy Abbott