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    Excellent4.9neil Lawlor ★★★★★ Very limited waiting time on arrival. Personnel extremely friendly, unprofessional and caring.A first class Medical CentreMeenu RNG ★★★★★ Went for heart nuclear test to this location today, Staff is very professional and polite. Clinic was very nice and clean, front desk was very polite.I was taken inside without delay and my technician Jino was very nice, she comforted me as I am scare of needles😁.When I left the clinic I felt my hand was bleeding,I went back inside and they really took good care of me❤️.Thank you all team and staff for providing wonderful services.Kenneth Oake ★★★★★ The staff was pleasant, and the procedure didn’t take as long as I thought it wouldDianne Hasmatali ★★★★★ All the staff were very polite and friendly. I was very nervous but the friendly atmosphere made me very comfortable.CANADA YOUR NEW HOME كندا بيتكم الجديد ★★★★★ Staff are friendly and patient. They answered all my questions and considered my medicals. They were attentive all the time of the test. Thank you so much Sharda Motie and Magid Bamoheez. God bless 🙏Taounas Faridkanti mistry ★★★★★ Excellent team very professional.jeff warren ★★★★★ Lovely experience with top notch doctors and nurses etc. Just going back in now for some more excitement! Would recommend this place to everyone. Five star treatments!Jack Magilsen ★★★★★ Friendly, professional, Respectful.jannat bibi ★★★★★ Very nice staffJames Dolan ★★★★★ Staff were great. They are attentive, kind, and caring. Big shout out to everyone there.js_loader