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    Excellent very well organizedThank you so much1st review had internet problemsExcellent staff explained everythingThanks again for a excellent job in these times of COVID-19
    Iain Dundas
    This was my 4th visit to the Nuclear clinic the staff as usual was very caring and delt with .my special needs (muscular dystrophy) above and beyond my expectations. Once again my respect for dealing with this pandemic in a manner that protected the Patient and your fine staff.Thank you
    John Walker
    Kind, patient and this made me feel even more comfortable. Tyvm
    Linda DiFiore
    I reached the place on time for the test. Before I was going to sit for waiting for technician, the technician came, took me inside and started noting the requirements. There were three tests to be performed. The tests were done one after the other without any waiting except for the mandatory time required before the test for preparation.On my arrival the receptionist told me that it can take 4 to 5 hours. But all the tests were completed in three hours. Thanks to the efficiency of the staff and the staff had taken all the care regarding comfort of the patient (me) in all respects including sanitation of the seating areas and other precautions.
    N.K. Sahdev
    Very pleasant experience, staff as very informative and answered all my questions. All staff that I interacted with were very helpful.
    Meghan Fraser
    My experience has been very good. The service provided was great. The clinic followed COVID 19 protocols strictly.
    Swapan Ghosh
    All the technicians were very helpful and courteous and they all seemed to know their job well and were very professional.
    Hanan qureshi
    All the staff there is very nice and helpful. They made the experience very comfortable for me.-Seema Kumar
    Sakshi Kumar
    Getting an appointment was quick and acommodating for my schedule. The staff were friendly and professional. A very good experience. If I have to return for some other test I will have no problems with doing so.
    Karen Tripple
    Young professional technologists
    Raghad Mahayni