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    ExcellentMy Health Centre Reviews4.7Dinesh Desai ★★★★★ I had a best experiance of my life i will recommend all my contact to approach My Health for their medical needsSingh Saab ★★★★★ Very friendly , helpful and excellent Staff. Neat and clean area. They caring patient as a family member.Purple 3mpress ★★★★★ Both times that ove come to this location staff has been very friendly!!! On the night of my sleep test, everyone including other patients were very pleasant. Staff Answered any questions I had. I loved that I was able to go to the bathroom whenever needed, and showers were available if needed in the morning. This experience was great and wish other clinic followed suit!!! Thank you for this experience. It definitely gave me a different look at clinic doing these test and relived the anxiety i had...Hopefully get some answers 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽Wendy Oh ★★★★★ They were very nice and efficient at this sleep clinic. Much better environment than the last one. Comfortable beds and clean surroundings.S. Shah ★★★★★ Very clean and well maintained clinic, comfortable bed and pillows. Ganna was very courteous and efficient.She was polite, professional and answered all my questions I . She was gentle while getting me all hooked up and taking off all the tape in the morning.Asit Mukherjee ★★★★★ Clean place and the staff were very professional. I was taken care of very wellDelrose Anderson ★★★★★ The techs were very patient and informative to me I did not have to wait for long when I ask for anything I really admire that keep up the great 👍 work and thank you 🙏Brenda Sullivan ★★★★★ Staff is great dr is great I feel comfortable thereMegan Macias ★★★★★ The testing went smooth. They're polite and were willing to answer any questions I had, which made me comfortable sleeping in an unfamiliar environment. My experience was an overall good one. Great staff, from check-in, to night staff, to the Doctorsandhya sharma ★★★★★ It's was very good take care ofjs_loader