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    Excellent4.6Michelle Medford ★★★★★ From the time I walked in to the time I walked out, the staff/tech was very professional.Kamal Mistry ★★★★★ Great service, very clean and pleasent place, feels lime home.Caring people.DAVID JERRY ★★★★★ I did my sleep study here and the staff was excellent and Priyanka was exceptional and did her best To get me in my proper schedule that I wanted.Ganna was my sleep technician And took excellent care for my night's study.Blane Pebesma ★★★★★ Given that the other sleep clinic I tried at Queen and Finchgate denied me two attempts to have another sleep study simply because I already had one there, this clinic was a massive improvement over them. Only thing I wish was that I was able to see them sooner than I did but it was worth it either way as I finally got to have my sleep studyDiksha Rathor ★★★★★ I had a great experience at their clinic. The technician William was so professional and caring for the patients. Everything went really well!!peterpruimpjes ★★★★★ Easy experience, great staff, managed to have a decent sleep if not a little warm in the room.Sleeping hours could be a little longer perhaps...All in all, nothing to worry can bring your 'teddy bear'...🐻😂💤💤Bebora Pope ★★★★★ Excellent service 👏CHERYL-LYNN Harrison ★★★★★ Very nice professional staff thank youKyle Pereira ★★★★★ AJ was very friendly and I felt really comfortable with him. He made the experience enjoyable and pleasant. He was also very knowledgeable and helpful.Tajah Harrison ★★★★★ My mom and I spent the night here for our sleep study and we were lucky enough to do her sleep study at such a peaceful place. The staff was very friendly and polite. Our doctor Quamrul, ensured my mom that she would be okay when she started to get nervous. He was there along the way and throughout the night to ensure that our stay was great! Quamrul motivated my mom to start using her CPAP machine again and informed us of the positives as well as the sleep study process.The staff made us feel very comfortable and we enjoyed our stay and we would definitely come here again and tell others about this sleep centre.js_loader