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    ExcellentMy Health Centre Reviews4.9Marie Malcolm ★★★★★ Staff were friendly, knowledgeable, put me at ease and explained process thoroughly. Appointment was quick - day after the doctor requested which was amazing as I anticipated a long wait. Thank you.Margaret RUMFORD ★★★★★ Appt. Right on time. Friendly staffCathy Hall ★★★★★ Extremely quick getting an appointment. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all of my questions and didn't rush me out the door like I was just a number on an OHIP card.Edward Super ★★★★★ Excellent service. They were on time and the technicianwas very friendly. I would highly recommend this place.Carl Barry ★★★★★ Courteous and thoroughThank youVicky Perentesis ★★★★★ I was able to schedule the appointment within days of my family doctor's referral. I was expecting to wait months. The staff was professional, efficient and very pleasant to speak to. I hope all of my tests are sent to MyHealth Centre.K Smith ★★★★★ The clinic contacted me the same day my physician submitted my ultrasound request and I was booked for my ultrasound the following day. It was wonderful to get in so quickly and not have to wait. All staff members were very professional and explained everything thoroughly. I highly recommend this clinic in Huntsville.J Exaltacion ★★★★★ Had a positive experience at the Huntsville MyHealth Centre - from ease of booking, friendly reception staff, and the knowledgeable and professional medical sonographer, Rodney, who did my ultrasound. His sense of humour made me laugh and put me at ease, and he informed me of next steps and timelines for results without me even having to ask. Thanks again MyHealth Centre Huntsville for your wonderful care!Update - April 2024Another positive experience at the Huntsville MyHealthCentre/Well Health Diagnostic Centre. Emma was kind, knowledgeable and professional. She made sure that I was comfortable, patiently explained the procedure and answered any questions I had. She also let me know how long it would take for my doctor to receive the results. Thanks again MyHealthCentre/Well Health Diagnostic Centre Huntsville!Terri Mellway ★★★★★ Rodney’s professionalism and knowledge put me an ease while having my ultrasound . When coming in for diagnostic testing , I can speak for myself in saying that having a health professional that is not only caring but also compassionate about what they do takes the stress away when concerned about your health . Thank you Terri M RNReba McDowell ★★★★★ Got a call within 2 hours of my referral being send and was seen the next day. Rooney was very professional and pleasant to deal with. So happy to have this facility in Huntsville!js_loader