Google Reviews

    On time, very professional, despite our uncomfortable screening, the technicians maintained a nice demeanor and pleasant approach. One of the better medical experiences I have had in a long time.
    Paul Samuel
    The staff and the experience was wonderful
    Tracy Millward
    Very short wait time and all staff is very professional.
    Nancy Roach
    Didn’t have to wait long. Technician was professional and pleasant. Receptionist was helpful trying to help with getting an appointment for another procedure.
    Gigie McGlynn
    Very courteous, professional and friendly staff.
    Adnan Qazi
    I had a great experience, had some issues with my lab form, but it all worked out and the ladies were amazing and very friendly.
    Debbie coenen
    Other than not being told parking had to be paid for, it was a bit of a challenge with not enough change , machine wouldn't take bills,or my bank card, staff were very friendly and quick.
    Verna D
    Very professional and kind!
    Citlali Zacharias
    Got my x-rays taken very quickly and the tech was very pleasant. No waiting.
    Ira Sussman
    It was such a great experience, especially for a lab facility where I would normally expect a wait time. They took me right away (actually 15 minutes early), it was friendly and efficient and I was done in record time. The staff were so amazing. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends. If you need ultrasound and/or X-rays, this is the best lab in the city.
    Mary-Anne MacPherson