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    Excellent4.8jennifer p ★★★★★ From beginning to end, my experience was exceptional. Thank you for the efficiency in booking the appointment, that was responsive and compassionate on your part and a reflection of the rest of my experience. I was not looking forward to the invasive test however the ultrasound technician (possibly named Assa?) was exceptional. Her professionalism combined with grace and warmth put me at ease. It was evident she cared, and she went above and beyond to alleviate my discomfort both physically and emotionally. Thank you for the loving care and compassion you displayed during an uncomfortable and vulnerable test. I also noticed and the disposal and disinfection practices following the test and appreciated knowing decontamination procedures were well followed. Just a big thank you to all who served me.Y Stef ★★★★★ Short wait time, technician is professional & friendly.John Harrison ★★★★★ The technician was very polite and professional.Dani Faillace ★★★★★ My appointment happened as scheduled. Mask was suggested to be worn. It was a safe, comfortable and clean environment. Technician was very friendly.I truly appreciate staff professionalism and I highly recommend this place.Leslie Pal ★★★★★ Excellent, caring service. The technician was teaching a student. Both were very professional.kathy chadwick ★★★★★ I was checked in quickly waited less than 5 minutes for my appt. The staff were friendly and professional.Tamara ★★★★★ I had a scheduled appointment last Friday for 3:30, you know the one where you have to hold your bladder 😆. Well I have hard time doing that so I showed up early in the off chance I could get in early. Well it turned out that the lady before was a no show so yeah me… once in the room the technician was very quick in doing the ultrasound so I could use the restroom. The staff there is very courteous and answer any question you may have big or small. Highly recommend 👍👍Michael Elefante ★★★★★ Smooth process. I was called to my ultrasound appointment right on time.Kirsten Anne ★★★★★ Very quick, friendly and professional. Had my results from my doctor the next business day!!Donna Winter ★★★★★ Friendly staff and very little wait time. Testing staff Jessica was very friendly and made me feel at ease. Highly recommend. Results were quick.js_loader