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    Friendly and prompt service. Provided good detail about parking with suggestion to arrive early. Covid protocols with glass dividers between chairs was appreciated. Overall, very satisfied.
    Liz W
    The receptionist was very courteous.The Technician who performed the test was very nice and I was out of the clinic in 15 min.
    Cleusa Oliveira
    The staff and technicians were friendly, considerate and efficient. No complaints. All went quickly and easily. I needed ultrasounds and xrays on my shoulder and leg.
    Barb Paterson
    In and out no problem!
    Lalita Bains
    Scheduled appointment was right on time. No waiting! The receptionist was very friendly & helpful. Very clean environment. All staff wore masks & followed the required protocols. The technician was very professional & friendly. A very positive experience. I would recommend this clinic!
    Brenda Gagne
    I'm in and out the clinic and the staff are all very nice.
    Anton C
    Great customer service and friendly staff who
    Nasir Khan
    No waiting, appointment was on schedule. Friendly and pleasant greetings. Technician was understanding since I am hard of hearing and unfortunately masks add to the problem of not hearing what people say or are asking but I manage.
    David Frazer
    Friendly, efficient service !Thank you 😉
    Jan Millette
    Staff was helpful and friendly
    Deborah Ann