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    The whole staff was fantastic.
    The technician was very patient. I have a hearing disability and she ensured I was able to hear her her explain the procedure.
    Wendy Finn
    Fast and efficient very friendly
    Hala H
    I had a great positive experience there . I thought I will wait for two hours . The staff were very nice and professional. I was able to get my X-ray in 15 minutes
    Tariq Asfour
    Very patient and thorough technician
    Gail Wooley
    Staff were helpful and friendly. The process was quick and painless. 5 *
    Louise Savard
    My Health Centre Cardiology in Milton treated me with kindness, respect and were very thorough with their service and diagnostic procedure that I completed. The front desk staff were pleasant and professional. The cardiology technical staff were on time and very efficient. Went through all the steps of what to expect. The facility itself was very clean and well organized. Good job to management for running a great clinical office setting.
    P G
    I have always had great experiences at MyHealth in Milton. They are always on time, respectful, professional and kind.I drive from Guelph just for the peace of mind knowing that my appointment will be pleasant and stress-free.
    Manuela Schofield
    I've been here a few times for diagnostic tests, and while it's rarely enjoyable to need diagnostic tests lol... I have always had a good experience with the staff and the technicians.Technicians I've encountered are friendly, and make the appointment as comfortable as possible which is hugely appreciated.Sometimes you can plainly see the front desk is busy (fielding calls, many patients in the clinic, and needing to take their time to ensure all patient information is correct - hugely important!!!). So come here with the understanding that, as with many medical settings, you may need to wait a bit.X-Rays are available on a walk in basis, but come early. Maybe call ahead to check the wait time (or come in, and view the wait time posted at the front desk).I've seen patients be kind of rude to the front desk staff on occasion, and it really shows more about the patient than the staff in those cases. Even if you're having a bad day, please don't be mean to those who are working to help you. Customer service is often a thankless job, high stress, and some people seem to forget that a person working at the desk is a human being deserving of basic respect as well. It's doesn't cost anything to treat others with kindness.
    Nikki H
    Excellent service
    Zeeshan Haider