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    I came here today for an ultrasound and the experience was amazing. The staff are very polite, professional and very helpful towards your needs. The atmosphere is pleasant and very clean. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone.
    tiffany phillips
    Had a positive experience! Staff were very friendly and nice. Had to wait about 5 -10 minutes for my name to be called. The clinic was very cleans and spacious. I would recommend this clinic to my family and friends.
    Shirley Quach
    I was treated with respect and care. No wait time. Thank you so much
    Excellent service
    Asghar Ghori
    I've had great experience in all my ultrasounds here. I don't recall the receptionist but once she went out of her way to try and get me in as soon as possible. I think she saw my panic at the thought of waiting 2-3 days due to my situation. All the techs have been wonderful. I've never had to wait longer than 5min after my appointment
    Ariane Thomas
    This would be my second mammogram. The first time, it was extremely painful and the technician was not very nice and didn’t express any sympathy.The second technician was really nice. And it wasn’t as painful as the first time. She was kind and sympathetic
    Mags Young
    It was good .
    Hy Ali
    Clean environment. On time schedule. Technician is kind and friendly.
    Very friendly and professional
    samar Rabbani
    Excellent service. On time
    Ing. Gia Gil-Hull