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    Excellent4.8Kurt Saik ★★★★★ Wonderful greetingRobin Paulsen ★★★★★ Very efficient and friendly staffsteven prior ★★★★★ My visit was stress free and comfortable. The staff was professional accommodating.Andrea Casale ★★★★★ Friendly, quick and efficientLakshmi Srinivasan ★★★★★ The service was and efficient. The staffs were very respectful and patience.Grace Selvanathan ★★★★★ Thanks to everyone at this MyHealth Centre for a quick and efficient care given to me…. I had no problem whatsoever at this location…,👍John ★★★★★ I am impressed and happy to walk in and out so fast and without an appointment. All wonderful people doing great service.Yaseen Muhammad ★★★★★ I visited clinic for my tests couple of times. I was impressed with the reception staff and their punctuality. My tests went very well due to precise briefing by medical staff before the tests. I would like to thank all staff and in particular to Jonathan and a lady who performed my tests, they were real professional guys.M. Jameel Hussain ★★★★★ Timely service and clean environmentDan Watts ★★★★★ Efficiently run clinic. All staff are friendly and helpful.js_loader