Google Reviews

    Staff was helpful, efficient, and very pleasant.
    Judy Steacy
    We were happy with the experience
    Shelley Des Cotes
    Great staff, easy process. Very informative and made me very comfortable.
    Jan Hoddinott
    The MyHealth Centre is run very professionally. The staff are very knowledgeable and understanding. Best of all, when our medical health system has fallen apart, this Centre runs on- time. I had an appointment at 10:30 AM, I was told the scan would take about 1.5 hours and I was on my way home at 12: 05 PM. On-time. Much appreciated!
    A. Sandy Hislop
    The staff were very welcoming and caring.
    Chari Wilkinson
    Always welcoming, time efficient & helpful 🙂
    Teresa S
    My PETScan went great. The people are fantastic and really calming. I was so glad they explained everything as they did it. Thank you for the positive experience.
    Helen young
    Staff were amazing! The appointment was very quick and on time but really can't say enough about the staff they were great
    Tracy Tustin
    It’s a long test however it was very good no waiting
    Sharon Matheson
    Jennifer was very caring and personable and did her job professionally.
    Ruth Takayesu