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    Great experience, ran on time. Everyone was very friendly. Samira was super nice and knowledgeable.
    Alana Horvat
    Staff was very friendly and professional. Wait times are okay too.
    Nikki Minchin
    I had an anatomy ultrasound recently with Angela. I was very happy with Angela. She was congenial, focused and concentrated and finished in 45 min after which she called my husband in. There was a bit of a wait (25min) but understand as its a busy clinic! The results are not available after 4 days so I wasn't able to review the results at my OB appt, so a slightly faster turnaround would be nice.
    Michelle Wong
    My experience was great .I was called in on time, receptionist was professional and friendly.The technician that preformed my mammogram was super friendly and also very professional.She made the experience quick and painless
    frances antoniou
    The wait time wasn’t long & the technician was very pleasant.
    Eva Czipps
    I had two visits in the last two months with appointments. Zero waiting time. The facility is very clean. Receptionists and doctors are very friendly and professional. Highly recommend it.
    faye fang
    Appointment on time and staff were very friendly. My ultrasound technician went out of his way to be kind. It was so appreciated. What I thought would be an incredibly stressful turned out to be the opposite of that thanks to him.Daina Poste
    Daina Poste
    Going to have a mammogram is a very stressful and uncomfortable test to go do but Aimee quickly put me at ease with her personality and then conducted my mammogram with caring professionalism.
    Both young Ladies on staff were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. This made the whole experience enjoyable. I was out of the clinic in no time.
    Brad McConnell
    Great experience. Everything was smooth and convenient. Alex was knowledgeable and informative. Thank you guys.
    Farhad Khatami