Google Reviews

    Very pleasant experience. Friendly knowledgeable staff, on time appointments and COVID protocols followed.
    Carmen Nagy
    Great experience! Very friendly staff and extremely well managed COVID protocols.
    Fiona Gao
    Service in My Health Centre was very professional and friendly. Everything was on time . Thank you for looking after me. Keep up a good work.
    Rita Srubiski
    I was welcomed well and my ultrasound performed on time. It was a clean and pleasant place.
    Mehdi Mirmoezi
    My appointment was very efficient I only had to wait about five minutes as a walk-in. I had a similar experience when I had to go back two days later for more x-rays. A special thank you to the awesome reception team they made the entire visit terrific
    Wayne Silver
    I went in as a walk in for an X-Ray and it took less than 5 mins. Fast and polite !
    Sarah Kelly
    Very professional and accommodating.
    Marvin Kalchman
    The clinic staff and technicians are friendly and professional. My appointments were on time. The clinic is very clean and neat. Covid protocols observed by all. Would 100% recommend. Thank you!
    Jana Slootsky
    Scheduling appointment was easy, appointment was on time, the receptionist was friendly and the technician made me feel comfortable. Overall great experience!
    Richard Co
    They assist accordingly