Based on 1395 reviews
    Silvija Timbers
    Very clean and prompt service even though my appointment was at 5:00 pm.
    Marina Christie
    Very respectful staff. Cent comfortable during all my procedures and appointments.
    Bruce Sinclair
    Self described 'Crazy Christine' is both knowledgeable and professional. Efficient Staff / Pleasant Environment. Recommend
    The staff and lab technicians were super helpful when I had an issue with my paperwork and they did everything in their power to help me. I always feel cared for when I come to this clinic 🥰
    Aida A
    Positive experience each time I hve been here
    Lynne O'Prey
    My appt was punctual and the staff were very pleasant, especially the technician who looked after me
    Phil Rubinoff
    Your staff were excellent 👍
    Lisa M
    I was very surprised at how fast I got in and out . I had X-rays ,mammogram and bloodwork and I was out in 45 mins !!! The staff was very friendly as well
    pinky pinkall
    Friendly and efficient staff. I checked in 10 min early and was called right on my appointment time - in and out under 20 minutes, including gown changes! Staff executed the ultrasound in a professional and friendly manner. One of my best medical appt experiences...I am used to endless sitting in waiting rooms so this was a nice surprise.
    Nadia Mneigar
    Waiting time was short. Ultrasound done promptly.The place was clean. The staff was efficient and friendly.Thank thank.