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    I have had good experiences at this location so far, but recently, I came in one hour before closing to get an x-ray done and the receptionist realized that the Requisition form that I presented to them was not signed by the doctor so they immediately got on the phone with the office of my family doctor & obtained the necessary authorization, and then got me in to do the x-ray within 15 mins. Both receptionists and the person who took my x-rays were extremely nice and very efficient. The x-ray results themselves were also sent to my family doctor very promptly. Highly recommend!
    Nadia Mauch
    Very convenient building/location in general. Online booking was great too. Ultrasound staff were warm, welcoming and gentle which was refreshing and much appreciated.
    Sonia Brandiferri
    Great experience, I arrived at the clinic late afternoon as a drop in and was checked in right away and in no time I was taken in for my X-rays and on my way within 1/2 hour. Thought it would have been a longer wait.
    Onkar Jaswal
    The lady who completed my scan was very nice and gentle explaining everything to me. She also made sure that I didn't fall as I was a but unsteady on my feet. Thanks for your support (aka, Frances)
    Audrey Brown
    Clinic itself an excellent experience. Prompt, clean staff and technicians all very professional and polite.The only reason it’s not a 5 is the booking process is brutal. Call centre - multiple calls to book an appointment and asked to resubmit all information when returning a call. Has to be a better way.
    Susan Avery
    Had a great experience here, the tech was friendly, patient and went the extra mile to make things work out.
    Nkem Agu
    I have had the same technician on a couple of occasions he was very kind, and very respectful. I would also like to shout out Cara she is always so very pleasant and tries to accommodate appointments to the best of her abilities. Good job My Health pickering.
    Missy H
    They were organized and punctual and I was into the ultrasound room quickly. The tech was great, really handled the process well. I was out without any delay.
    John Boyes
    The kindness, care and sensitivity I was met with was wonderful! This was my first time at this location and I'll definitely choose this location again in the future.
    Staff was professional, cheerful, engaging, helpful & attentive.