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    They are very forward and honest. Friendly bedside and will work with your needs. Have had nothing but positive experiences with them. For those that say the staff isn't amazing may be because they were not patient or were rude, staff are human too! The staff have gone out of their way to help me even when communicating with doctors. Glad to have them in the Soo.
    Mara C
    The front desk ladies are always so pleasant and the ultrasound sound tech was friendly but professional
    Courtney Smith
    Staff were super friendly and wait time on this particular day was short!
    Lorri Purnis
    Always friendly staff. Good service
    Jessica Toupin
    Shortest wait I have had in healthcare. The young man working with me was very friendly, informative and efficient. I could not have had an easier experience.
    Mark Morgenstern
    Staff very friendly and helpful.
    Allan Johnson
    Such friendly and helpful staff 100% recommend
    Christine O'Hara
    Even with covid restrictions, it's nice to know usual health care and emergency services are still being conducted in a professional ad timely manner.
    Jack Bowes
    Very satisfying experience
    peter netherton
    Very friendly staff
    Elysha Devoni