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    Excellent4.9Erin Cotie ★★★★★ The technician who completed my testing was absolutely wonderful, personable and set my mind at ease during testing. Thank you.Mike Wrice ★★★★★ Difficulty getting to building and parking in the area was hard to find but the service from the front desk and the technician was awesome.Thank youMikeClaudio Roberti ★★★★★ Fast and on time service. Good crew and team work and once again for the second day testing this team were like a well oil machine. Quite fast and efficient! Thanks for that.Judy lariviere ★★★★★ i was in a lot of pain when 1 attended this location for a ultrasound. they were very quick and understanding of the pain I was experiencing.Gail Briwn ★★★★★ I had an excellent experience. The staff were very friendly and respectful. Thank you !!!Dianne Jamieson ★★★★★ Short wait time, very friendly and professional staff.Yomie Nelly ★★★★★ It was a wonderful experience that I had. The personnel's are very special. I love the way the welcome the patients, they are attentional to them. And for the time of the appointment I really appreciate because they respected.Thanks alot for everything you've done for me this 2 days.Matta Solkem.Blue eyed Girl ★★★★★ The staff are nice and they are very informative on what you need to do for your appointment. I can't sit for a long time and I got into my appointment a little earlier.Lise Forget ★★★★★ I showed up early and was taken in quickly. Kelly was my bone density technician. Happy disposition, easy to talk to. Informative. Great at her work. Done quickly and fun. Thank you.kayla lianne ★★★★★ My ultrasound tech was really friendly and forthcoming with information.js_loader