Google Reviews

    It was great! Appointment on time. Very good service. Staff was courteous, the technician was friendly as well. Thanks a lot!
    Cuong Nguyen
    Service was great, but wait time was a little long!
    Ken Chokan
    The staff was amazing. I had forgot my paper from the doctors. The lady took time to call my doctor and had it faxed in. The young lady who did my ultrasound was so friendly.
    Lucie Noel
    Very friendly and I felt very comfortable with the nurse who did my ultrasound..I was in and out in 20 minutes.
    Louise St.Aubin/Melnick
    Very positive, cheerful staff, quick, efficient, explained clearly what the procedure was and how was to be conducted. All staff followed covid protocol
    Margaret Stonier
    The women at the reception desk was very nice and was registered quickly.The technician who did my x-rays was very friendly and professional.A great experience.
    Heather Trigg
    Staff was great. Short wait times each visit. Thank you so much
    Dan Muirhead
    My daughter who is 10 years old was nervous for her appointment but the ultrasound tech made her feel real comfortable. Talked to her telling her exactly what he was doing and making sure she wasn't in any pain.
    Francine Armstrong
    Very good. Served right away, no line.Someone was disinfecting all the chairs, very impressed.Had to wait a bit for my xray, but it went quick. The tech was very nice and gentle, explaining every position.Great experience!
    Sara Lichty
    Waiting area was continuously being disinfected and was comfortable and pleasant. Ultrasound room was pretty small and a little cold too. Staff were pleasant and kind. All in all a good experience.
    Sharon Knowlton