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    Excellent4.9Ellen Haist ★★★★★ Very professional and friendly staff!David Beaver ★★★★★ Very short wait, had ultrasound and xray, completed within 30 minutes. Fast, efficient and friendly staff 🙂Marilyn Williams ★★★★★ The service and staff were great. My tests were performed in a very professional and efficient manner. The staff were polite and explained what the test entailed.Monika Haist ★★★★★ My wife and I had a appointment each for ultrasounds. We also needed to have xrays done for each one of us. They accommodated us by squeezing in our xrays before our ultrasounds. We both thought that both technicians were very nice and helpful. Great job to the staff.!Nikki D ★★★★★ Technician explained everything well and was very professional. Also very nice.Michelle Tremblay ★★★★★ The staff is absolutely wonderful. Very caring and kind and professional.Kathleen Scott ★★★★★ Staff were pleasant and everything was quick. Not much waiting time.Lorie Bedard ★★★★★ Very efficient and personableAnn Marie Arrowsmith ★★★★★ Apt. Time honoured. Greeted by friendly staff.Chantal B ★★★★★ The technician was great and so so nice!js_loader