Google Reviews

    My tech was great!
    The MacDonalds
    My eight year old was nervous to get an X-ray done but the technician was great and put him at ease. When we left, my son told me how nice the guy was. All the staff were great and made this experience a good one for us.
    Stephanie Bell
    I was very happy with the friendly caring staff 😊
    Linda Tchorzewski
    Very good and professional service. Extremely good service from the first Lady for administration to the Technician doing the xray’s.
    allen dodge
    I was late for my appt and feeling very frazzled as I could not find the address. I apologized but was treated with some attitude from staff so I was concerned it would be a poor experience as the service was for my young child. I was so pleased with the technician was absolutely incredible. So amazing with my son, so professional and kind and caring. She was such a pleasure.
    Allison Falk
    All staffs were very polite, especially the lady tech who took care of the X RAYS. Big thanks to you all.👌👌👌
    Sheik Towheed Farreedun
    Fast, helpful, and very friendly. A very safe experience in a pandemic world.Now if only they could warm up the ultrasound gel... 😉
    Chris Foucault
    Staff was extremely friendly. There was no waiting and was in and out very fast.
    Becki Craggs
    Fast, friendly and very knowledgeable! Great place!!
    Tanya Werden
    Staff were awesome. One of the team members played with my son while I got an X-ray.
    Natasha Conde