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    There was no waiting and uthe ex- tray 5hech was very good and all the staff.Thank you.
    Nicole Dignard
    The staff is wonderful, efficient, all pleasant and smiling despite the long lineups.The lack of good hallway space leading to the facility presents an issue due to covid restrictions.
    Louise Brunet
    The student tech that did my ultrasound was great, polite, and friendly, the ultrasound tech training the student was also very polite and very nice as well. The wait was not long either. Had a great experience! Thanks to the staff for making me comfortable during my visit. 😁👍
    Jennie Levesque
    I found the staff to be quite excellent. Proficient with dealing with Covid-19 procedures and the public. My exam was done well, she put me at ease as I was nervous. She explained things well, and I know she says the same thing multiple times a day, but I was impressed with her professionalism.
    Patrizia Pace
    The staff were friendly and very efficient. Went for a chest xray and they were able to accommodate me right away and received the results the next day.
    Paula Elzinga
    Excellent service with very minimal waiting! I went in for a foot x-ray and I had to bring my 5 year old daughter with me. Our timing was very fortunate as there were no patients in the waiting room. They took my requisition and we waited only a few minutes while they maybe prepared everything. They allowed my daughter to come in and see how it all happens and gave her a sticker when we were done. The x-ray itself was very quick and to the point with clear results for my physician! Thank you myHealth team on LaSalle for the most pleasant experience possible under the circumstances!
    Aimee Gravelle
    Great team
    Curtis Cameron
    Staff were pleasant and professional. I was in and out quickly.
    Constance Caskanette
    The experience was great. Greeting at door. Fast service. Wait time was fast and before schedule. Technician was great and experience was professional. Thanks !
    Claudio Roberti
    Staff were very efficient and friendly
    Trudy Boyd