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    I was a walkin and service was prompt and courteous. At 8.45pm that evening I recieved a call from one of the life lab doctors advising me that I needed to go to hospital immediately for a hemoglobin transfusion as my hemoglobin level was extremely low. I went to hospital and was transfusion almost immediatelyI am very grateful to Life labs for their care and concern.
    Jacinta Kirk
    Extremely friendly staff and very efficient. Ultrasound and an xray, I was in and out in 20 minutes.
    Richard Tuomi
    I haven’t had great care in the Sudbury area since I have moved here, and everything has been an honest struggle. I went to an appointment on May 9th, and they were amazing, the receptionist and the ultrasound tech. They were very patient with me considering my doctors office sent the wrong REQ, whoever was working that day, I am so happy I had them because sometimes not feeling like “a number” or “a burden” makes the experience that much better.
    Jennifer Hammel
    I had a great experience. Staff was great. Thank you for your message. Only thing was communication, I was inform to call and I did but It took 3 days to answerWhen I did finally got some they had no answer.
    Mary Brennan
    Fast, polite, respectful and professional.
    Bruce Cowtan
    Quick service, friendly staff.
    Laurie Lamoureux
    The staffs were really nice. I didn’t have to wait and my work was done quick.
    Jasmine J JOHNSON
    Originally have a three. Did not read for location. I gave the original letter value due to online booking frustrations.The staff and service at long lake location are awesome! My location of choice any time I need xray or ultrasound.
    Jaana Essensa
    Went for my xray after work around 430 PM. There was no wait and I was done in approx. 15 mins. Technician was pleasant and helpful. Would definitely go to this site again
    Lyn Garnett
    It was a great experience overall
    Cindy Blais