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    In snd outNo waitingGood because I had a full bladder.Courteous and friendly.Good staffPg
    paul goldview
    My Health Centre takes patients on time and the staff is very kind. They know what they are doing. As well as the place I visited is near my house so for me it’s easy access if I need to go for an appointment.
    Rebecca Ziskine
    It was too short and incredibly fast for me to gett any experience.
    Lazarus Saidakovsky
    My appointment went smoothly. Great experience, friendly staff. Definitely recommend.
    Sarv A
    Fast and friendly. Was in and out in no more than 30 min.
    dima stepanenko
    Lovely staff. I had some ultrasounds done and the tech was so soft spoken and very kind.
    Denny Diamond
    Friendly staff! Quick & professional service!5 stars from my heart!
    Valeri Netchaev
    It has been difficult being pregnant during a Pandemic, because my husband wasn't allowed at any of our appointments. It's sad because I feel like, the pregnancy isn't just about the mother and I know how much my husband has been wanting to be there for me and for our child. My first two ultrasounds elsewhere my husband wasn't allowed to join however I stumbled upon My Health Centre in Thornhill for my third ultrasound and thank god, they allowed the husband to join. Your partner is only allowed to join at the end just to see the baby, so you still have to enter the appointment on your own while your partner waits outside, let the tech do their jobs and once they're done, they will let you know to call your partner to come inside. Once your partner joins you the tech will show you both the baby. I also had the SWEETEST tech ever, she was so kind, so bubbly and welcoming. Being a first time mom, this really meant a lot as I am usually always so nervous during every appointment. I really recommend this place. They also give you printed copy of your baby during the ultrasound for FREE. The first place I went to charged $5 per photo.
    Hungry Piggy
    This location was both clean and organized. The staff here are all friendly and knowledgeable and take great care of the patients. Everytime I went the technicians explained what was on the screen for the ultrasound and were happily ready to answer questions. Bonus: I never waited past my appointment time.
    Elisa Fedele
    I always go to this location because the staff is very kind and the technicians are very professional.I never needed to wait, they are always on time!Thank you!