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    ExcellentMy Health Centre Reviews4.8Julia Metus ★★★★★ I am always pleased with the experience at this clinic. Checking in is swift and my appointments are on time. Very nice people who connect well during appointments.LE ★★★★★ Reception was kind to fill my water bottle. Susan, who performed the examination, answered all my questions and she was very efficient. I felt comfortable.Fatima Ahmadi ★★★★★ Had a positive experience at this imaging center. Professional staff, and almost no waiting time. They also upload results quite fast. Would definitely recommend the center.Derek Gerhardt ★★★★★ I got in quickly and the appointment started on time and went smoothlyRyo Muto ★★★★★ It was a pleasure to visit Well Health Diagnostic Center. The staffs are professional and very punctual. Thanks for great service 👍💖🙏Mily Viegas ★★★★★ I was seen at my scheduled time and Susan was friendly and made me very comfortable.Kiera Pond ★★★★★ Everyone was very kind and professional I had a very good experience!Hala Al-Mughrabi ★★★★★ Waiting time was reasonable. Cannot wish for a more humane andpatient medical staff member than the lady who conducted the ultrasound for me. Thanks a bunch🙏Akwaaba B ★★★★★ When I arrived for my appointment, I was quickly checked in and the staff who performed the ultrasound was excellent at her job.The only negative feedback I have is when I called to schedule the service, the person giving me the instructions spoke so quickly I did not get all the information I needed and therefore I did not know I was also supposed to fast before my appointment. Luckily I had only consumed a smoothie, and the service was still able to be performed.My recommendation is either for the information to be delivered SLOWLY so the service user gets all the information they need to prepare for the appointment, or direct service users to a page where they can read how to prepare for the appointment.Francine G ★★★★★ Making an appointment was easy to follow to add the staff is quick in reply.My first visit to this location and it felt like I was a repeat visitor!Staff members are welcoming and friendlyjs_loader