Google Reviews

    Every time I go to this location I am treated so kindly and respectfully. And the person who administers the test I have to take is thoughtful and gentle and I couldn't be happier
    Sam Goodwin
    Had a great experience.
    Zehra Batool
    Great service and team!
    Moe Fathy
    Very efficient staff and good facilities
    kshitij patel
    Located at 790 Bay St. Very easy to get to via TTC or if driving there isn't many parking options but I'm sure Green P exists nearby. On the 7th floor, and the process was honestly the easiest and simplest process. I had already booked an appointment. Each time I was there I waited no longer than 5 minutes in the waiting room. Not sure if wait time is different for other services, I was waiting for an ultrasound.
    Jarrett Blackburn
    My technician was wonderful ! Thank you .
    Front desk staff were pleasant, ultrasound technician was lovely, and the tech who was coordinating the xrays (while run off his feet) multitasked beautifully. He was kind and thoughtful.
    Becka Soyka
    I was told because they were short staffed that day. I was happy to have my foot x-rayed at all. In the end I was seen very quickly and I felt the staff were patient and polite!
    Elizabeth Rucker
    very fast for IME
    Emily YAN
    Very well organized. Profesional staff.
    Guillermo Terres Hernandez