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    Everyone was kind, the place was sanitized and there were signs noting that, and, the real bonus, my appointment was right on time!
    Amazing service!!! Very caring staff, professional and efficient. The front desk girl (with big shinning eyes) booked my appointment quickly and the ultrasound gentleman he is very caring, detailed orientated. I would recommend all my friends who need their medical service to come here!
    Luna Liu (Lunaismoon)
    Very efficient and friendly staff. Clean and professional with strong attention given to COVID restrictions. The only downside is a minor and likely temporary one (to the point that I feel it should not reflect within the overall satisfaction), in that the waiting room looks heavily in need of renovation.
    Jon Gray (Jonesy)
    Incredible customer service, professionalism and personalized experience. Highly recommended!
    Theresa “Tree” Walsh-Chin
    Just wonderful, all of them. 💯+.
    Sophia Koyesiga
    My appointment went smoothly, good Covid protocols in the waiting room.
    Jillian Perlis
    The ultrasound tech was super friendly and encouraging. Very professional as well.
    Kristen Wang
    Although the person who booked my appointment gave me the wrong preparation information, the young man who was the ultrasound technician did a great job and managed to work around it. He was kind, gentle and professional. He made the appointment much easier and I appreciated his caring approach.
    B Garrah
    I was accommodated for three ultra sound follow up visits in one appointment.This was very much appreciated , saved me two additional trips.The technician was extremely attentive and put me at ease.
    Annette Ebner
    Great place, with efficient and friendly admin and medical staff. Keep up the good work!
    Anna Artyushina