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    My experience had a happy ending, I passed all the tests. I found this occasion to be a very professional thorough and very friendly visit. I felt the technicians and the support group listened to my concerns and they were all very knowledgeable and very friendly. I would definitely give my visit a 10. 👍
    Patrick Smith
    The staff here are very friendly and very patient. Thank you for helping me!
    johnny yang
    I really appreciate the doctors’ and staff’s friendly and helpful behaviour.
    Maryam Havaei
    Very clean facility and friendly staffs. The procedure was explained to me very clearly before they start. No time wasted. They say the procedure will take 4-5 hours and that’s all it takes. Thank you Masha (hope I spell your name correctly) and many thanks to Dan (kabayan) , too for making my visit a very comfortable and pleasant one.
    Felisa Bicol
    Professional & caring staff.
    Matt Adamian
    I left a bad review here and thought nothing of it. And then a kind person from management called and has sorted out my issue ! Talk about great customer service. I had an issue and I appreciate being contacted regarding the problem! They are sorting it out and I feel heard. The manager apologized and is sorting it out right away! Again- excellent customer service. Would recommend my health center davisville!
    Luke Schaede
    100% satisfied with the customer service. I had echocardiogram and holter monitor today. Staff are so friendly and helpful!
    Emil Penev
    I am very happy with the service of this clinic I have been here on two occasions accompanying my dad and uncle, I did not introduce myself as a medical doctor because I wanted to observe.My first visit was with my uncle and he did an Echo and Holter, their Echo associate Jason was very helpful and tact i was not allowed in the procedure room but i can hear him explain and give advance warning to my uncle that he will press a little hard, the Holter associate Moba has a very practiced movements she got all the equipment on hand, plus very respectful & careful to my elderly uncle, one thing i didn't appreciate was she was interrupted by a female assistant saying she has the next patient ready without even knocking on the door.My second visit was today with my father for a Myocardial Perfusion Imaging Persatine, the staff Fabyana who did the interview intake for my father was very considerate and even found someone who can speak our native language it took a little time as the clinic is very busy.The Nuclear staff Andrea who did the my dad's IV was very professional she did all the necessary infection control, one thing I don't get is, why is she introducing everyone? mentioning their tittles and what they do, it makes the patient more anxious and confuse and I think its better if she will just introduce herself and explain what needs to be done to be short.The one who did the actual Persantine procedure for my dad was Dan he is simply amazing from the lead placement, quality of tracings, how he explain and talk calmed my dad, I tried testing his knowledge base just to see how he reacts and to my surprise he answered without flinching, I wanted to give him my card and ask to work for me but I stopped myself, again one thing i did not appreciate was someone entered the room without even knocking.To sum it all up, this clinic is great!!! minus the 10 minutes blabber introduction & not knocking part!!!
    M. Cajules, MD.
    It was great. The front office staff were very courteous and amiable. It's the first place someone could pronounce my sir name correctly. Ya'll are 5 star
    Joseph Nduhiu
    Pessoal muito agradável e profissional especialmente dave e dan ajudou-me muito.
    Manny Juaquim