MyHealth Centre joins WELL Health Technologies

Jul 15 | News

Further to our June 7th, 2021 announcement, we are pleased to share that as of this morning, MyHealth Centre is officially a part of the WELL Health Technologies family of companies, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! WELL Health is a omni-channel digital health company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: WELL) whose objective is to empower physicians and clinical staff to provide the most advanced care possible using the latest technologies in health.

This arrangement will allow MyHealth and WELL to expand into new markets collectively with complimentary strengths to achieve our common objectives. We believe this is a great time for MyHealth Centre to be in a position of added support to meet our long-term growth goals and to progressively enhance patient care.

WELL Health has several distinct business units that span from the operation of medical and allied health, physical and virtual clinics, to technology and other provider centric businesses. More specifically, WELL owns and operates primary healthcare clinics, is one of Canada’s largest digital Electronic Medical Records (EMR) supplier serving approximately 2,200 healthcare clinics and 10,700 healthcare providers throughout Canada (including MyHealth Centre), operates high-quality telehealth services in both Canada and the United States, and is a provider of digital health, billing and cybersecurity related technology solutions.

For nearly a decade, MyHealth Centre has been delivering high-quality patient care to Ontarians and we firmly believe that blending with WELL will allow us the opportunity to expand this reach, deliver our mandate, and revolutionize healthcare. We have emerged as a leading service provider over the years with this team’s dedication and loyalty, and we look forward to achieving new heights together.

At MyHealth, our mandate has been to continue growing in a sustainable and accretive way. We are committed to growth, expansion of our services, and continuing our M&A endeavours. This commitment aligns perfectly with WELL’s own highly accretive and disciplined growth and capital allocation strategy.

MyHealth continues to set new standards for ourselves, exemplary performance in culture, operational excellence, and various other practices. Having received six distinguishing corporate awards in the last fiscal year, we continue to be proud of our accomplishments and our team’s efforts in achieving such greatness. One notable award is our Great Place To Work certification, and we are committed to continuing our strides of engagement and professional development. We understand the importance of creating a cohesiveness in our team through a common interest and an aligned mission.