Dina Sergi

Dina Sergi


Dina Sergi is a dedicated profession with over 16 years of experience in the healthcare industry, gaining experience in human resources, operations and management. 

As Chief Executive Officer, Dina’s goals include focusing on the performance of the organization, including efficiency, productivity and engagement. In addition to her primary functions, Dina has been recognized by her peers for her commitment to quality patient care and has been featured in Industry Era’s Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders in 2022. As a seasoned Human Resource Professional, Dina is passionate about internal development and employee engagement at all levels. 

After earning her Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Dina pursued her Human Resource license and became a Certified Human Resource Leader (CHRL). In addition, Dina’s dedication to leadership encouraged her to pursue the internationally recognized coaching accreditation and became an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). She is currently in pursuit of her FACHE designation. 

Dina’s passion for healthcare can be traced back to her personal and professional ties to the diagnostic and cardiac community, where she previously spent significant time specializing in operations and human resources in Canada and the United States. Beyond Dina’s professional work, she has been a long-standing member of various Boards addressing social and family service needs in Ontario.